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inbetween time & space

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hello friend.


i work with sound.


my partners are frequencies and amplitudes and together we transform sparkling bits and tiny ideas into audible narratives, floating in waves through time & space.


as a young always-listening-ear, i often found myself exploring thoughts while getting lost in the process of creating, recording and manipulating sounds. it took a while until i've felt comfortable showcasing my work. from there on i learned that collaboration is key for progress. i was lucky to work on several different projects with several different teams and, somehow, i ended up studying 'Audiodesign B.A.' at the 'school of popular arts‘ which invited me to berlin with a full scholarship in 2012. since then, i'm steadily gathering new inputs, inspiration & encounters, which are constantly shifting my perspective on music & sound itself.



besides all my personal music-related projects, i'm focused on spatial sound, corporate music & scenographic composition. therefore i've gathered useful skills, knowledge and experiences at my most recent playground 'Triad Berlin'.




i guess you could call me a digital native and yes, i'm truly addicted to electronic sound production since the age of twelve, in other words, for more then half of my life it guided me. meanwhile, i've managed to transform multiple skills into a catalogue of services, that i enjoy offering as a freelancer. certainly, for all kind of projects and partners like musicians, creative agencies, filmmakers, actors, theatres, choreographers, dancers, game & app developers and every other interested mission-driven mind.




but, enough written input and namedropping, now, i would like you to focus on your ears a bit.





so please, take your time to catch some impressions of selected works of mine below and feel free to reach out to me afterwards with your ideas, questions or current requests. ..i'm always looking forward to offer my works & expertise.




thank you, enjoy & all the best











"Nur weil Harmonie die Ausnahme ist, hat sie das attraktive Leuchten der Bedeutsamkeit um sich. Wäre sie die Regel, so müßte man sie brechen, um die Klanghölle durch wunderbare Dissonanz zu beleben.


Nur als Potential berührt uns Musik, nicht als positive Einrichtung; nur als Klärung der Wildnis interessiert uns Tonalität, nicht als tausendjähriges

Reich der Grundtöne. Nur als Versöhnung des Leidens bewegen uns Akkorde, nicht als Konsonanzdiktatur.



Die Welt ist nicht Klang,

sondern Raum seiner




Peter Sloterdijk, 1987




















Yeah, coool!'re still around,

let's connect & create!
















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programmed with ♥️ & patience by

robin schacht. Berlin. 2018.